Architect Salary Peaks and Dips

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Although there are numerous areas for one to embark on one's academic journey towards building one's career, there are always a few branches of profession which seemingly command a higher stature than others.
Other than the usual medical and legal profession, designing of beautiful buildings and structures has always been treated as an elite field to be associated with.
Being a combination of artistry, engineering and technology, many a child has always dreamt of being an architect.
Salary command in this discipline is also a plus point as the picture is usually painted of successful architects luxuriating in the spoils of their job.
Risking the thought of being a wet blanket or a party pooper, there are various elements which go into earning a dream salary tagged to the dream job.
Initial investment in putting one through the academics of being an architect is normally quite substantial in terms of cost and time.
In order to garner some return on this investment, one is expected to put in the hours to establish a reputation in this closely guarded world of artists.
Architectural hopefuls need to identify themselves with the type of structures in accordance to their interest and expertise.
Designing a building or a monument draws certain similarities and yet differences.
Regional demands and settings influence the architect salary range as economic abilities obviously dictate whether one receives a higher or lower pay.
Attachment to a well-established architectural firm may assure one of a higher pay.
Lower-end establishments may offer their partners and staff a profit-sharing scheme or on commission basis to complement the less favorable numbers.
As one draws in more clients, it is thus rewarded in the take-home pay.
Some architects may choose to come out and start their own practices once they have achieved a certain level of personal reputation.
Professional certifications are an essential element to practice as an architect.
Without these credentials, one is not able to command much of a salary hike or yearly bonus despite many years of experience and loyalty shown to the architectural firm.
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