How to Get Started on Your E-Commerce Website

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Becoming an entrepreneur these days does not take as much effort as it used to, at least to start out.
Becoming an entrepreneur used to mean long hours, hard work, and lots of capital for the initial investment.
Thanks to help from the internet, people can now become entrepreneurs literally over night with minimal effort, not a lot of work, and very few investment dollars.
So here are a few ideas to help get you started on your e-commerce website.
Domain Registration and Web Hosting The first thing you need to do, after you have decided what it is that you are going to sell, is get yourself a domain name and a web hosting account.
Your domain name will be whatever you want people to type into their URL bar to find your website; for example, beautifulenvelopes.
com, or antiquebaseballbats.
You will want to have a good name for your website because it is going to be the way that people find you.
You web host is also important.
It is the company that you will use to store the information that you are going to put online.
Most web hosts will sell you web hosting and your domain name all together.
Fat Cow, Go Daddy, and Web.
com are a few examples of web hosts.
Both of these will cost you less than $100.
Develop Your Website If you didn't major in web development in college and know nothing about it, never fear: there are several solutions to help get your website up and going in no time.
First, you can hire a web developer.
Most of them can cost a bit of money, but you can find great rate through guru.
com, elance.
com, and hiremymom.
These marketplaces allow you to put an ad up for your job and accept bids.
Be wary of those that are too cheap, as you may get what you pay for.
If you know a little bit about the internet, then you might consider a WordPress Blog as a way to put up your website.
They are really easy to set up through your web host and you can find all sorts of free templates to use as your online store.
com and Yahoo Online Business are also simple and easy tools you can use to build your online store if you want a one click option.
These will charge you a monthly fee, but can be worth it if you are ready to get started.
Accept Credit Cards This one is easy.
Accepting payment online has been made simple thanks to Pay Pal.
All you need to do is set up a pay pal account and let them show you how to do the rest! Market Now that you have set up your online store, all you need to do (assuming you have a product already) is begin marketing your website.
You will probably be approached by online marketers that may offer SEO services to you at various prices.
These services may be good, but do not underestimate the power of traditional marketing methods to get online traffic.
Magazine and newspaper ads, as well as billboards, etc...
can be a great way to drive traffic to your site...
and that's all you really need!
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