Social Media and Sports

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Youtube is the biggest resort for those who like watching sports on the social media domain. Thats right #social media is also being used to view missed out matches and plays on the various platforms and thereafter talking about the match, the series, the players, the fans and in total the game. SocialMedia can be easily used a great deal for sports and sports related talks and to aware users of the domain about the latest happenings about the area of concern in vivid details.

A little research we can catch hold of certain interviews, case studies, stories dealing with the area. Social media plays a larger role than ever in the lives of sports fans around the world.YouTube is an endless source of video highlights and bloopers. Twitter is a gigantic news wire. And Facebook is a place for trash talk with friends.

Now a days all sports magazine have their social media websites as well that cater to the needs of the users who enjoy reading updates about sports, their favourite players online. Such magazines make it a point to update their websites regularly to allow fresh content to flow on their sites and the users get something valuable and something worthwhile to read.

Even players in today's time maintain their #socialmedia presence perfectly ensuring that a fan when follows them on Twitter, Facebook etc should see every good thing in their profile and should be lured to stay connected with him forever.

Social Media and Sports is a great combination because these are two fields that require a user to be enthusiast about what is happening and what is not. and sports are two different yet same kinds of zones that can be well penetrated when it comes to providing news and other relevant stories on the domain about sports and sports personalities. Upon the world famous cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar's retirement, Facebook and Twitter could be monitored to be talking about the master blaster everywhere and for a few days everyday. That is the impact that the online media has on users. They tend to communicate everything on the social media with other people about everything that happens and certainly sports is one of their personal favourite.

Every instance, be it the grand slam tournaments, be it the cricket world cup or even the hockey world cup series, the social networking websites are awakened to all work and talk in favour of these games and generate an awareness to such an extent that they themselves are marketed and promoted on this domain in particular. Social is said to be great with all kinds of fields and is considered to be the hub of the marketing department for nearly any medium and this has been found to be true at various aspects.

The extent to which social media has influenced the society and the users is commendable and if it continues to be used at the same pace it will be even more sought after years from now.
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