List Building - Building Your List With Pinterest

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While you might think that Pinterest can only benefit business' that are typically visual such as fashion, retail or art, it can effectively be used for most any type of business.
Pinterest is especially popular among American women and is an 'invite only' platform that seems to generate a type of camaraderie amongst its users.
After all pictures are fun to share and often say more than words can.
So how can you use Pinterest to build your list? First I am going to assume that you use a squeeze page or opt-in form to add subscribers to your list.
On you opt-in page you must have an eye catching photo or graphic.
This could even be the cover to your most current e-book.
Once you have that image, you can pin it to one of your boards.
In the title of your photo use your keywords, like in any other type of web copy you would write.
Although you don't want your pin to read like an advertisement, you want it to be search friendly.
If you don't want to send people from Pinterest directly to a subscriber page you can build subscribers by sending them to your blog or articles on your web page.
Then in the post or article make sure there is a call to action to get them to subscribe.
You can even place a "Pinit" button on your blog to encourage others to pin your blog post pictures.
When people click on a photo they expect to be able to find more about what they clicked on.
So you don't want to give them all the information in the photo description.
Use it to build curiosity and get them to click through for more information.
In addition to getting new subscribers on your list, Pinterest can increase your traffic in several ways.
Get creative, tie photo ideas to current trends, holidays or national events.
Then write a blog post or article and link a Pin to it.
Make sure the images you use in your blog or website are "Pin worthy".
It is more important now than ever to have images that are fun, interesting and tell a story.
Post images people will want to share.
Funny or unusual pins have the potential to go viral and spread your message across the internet in record time.
From large industrial business to the small solo-entrepreneurial business, Pinterest can be a way to gain exposure as well as customer loyalty while building your list.
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