How To Choose A Domain Name - 5 Simple Rules For Choosing A Domain Name

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So you are ready to set up a website, blog, or landing page for your Internet marketing campaign, but you are at a loss for how to choose a domain name? Well, here are 5 simple rules to help you narrow down your choices and make the process for how to choose a domain name a snap:
  1. Choose the right domain suffix.
    By domain name suffix, we are referring to the ".
    com", the ".
    net", the ".
    org", the ".
    biz", the ".
    gov", the ".
    edu", the ".
    info", or any other extension at the trailing end of a domain name.
    Now, all domains are treated equally in terms of getting indexed by the search engines.
    It doesn't matter what your domain suffix is.
    The search engines will be more than happy to add you to their index when they find you.
    They won't discriminate against your domain name based on the suffix in this regard.
  2. However, when it comes to the search engines giving priority to one domain suffix or another, there is no escaping the fact that search engines, such as Google, are biased in favor of.
    , or.
    So before you go out and buy a.
    info domain just because it only cost you 99 cents, you should think twice.
    While there is nothing inherently wrong with buying a.
    info domain, it will just require a lot more back linking effort to get your.
    info domain to rank highly in the search engines, compared to a.
    net, or.
  3. When it comes to how to choose a domain name, it should be the same as, or at least contain, the keywords for which the main page of your website is optimized for.
    For example, if the default home page of your website is optimized for the key phrase "best places to eat chicken" (in which case at least 1% to 3% of the text on your homepage should consist of this phrase), then in a best case scenario, your domain name ought to be "bestplacestoeatchicken.
    com", "bestplacestoeatchicken.
    net", or "bestplacestoeatchicken.
    This will help propel your site to the top 10 search results in Google for the search term "best places to eat chicken" very quickly.
    it will require very little supplemental back linking to promote it to the top 3 search results on the page.
  4. Your domain name should avoid the use of hyphens.
    While there is nothing inherently wrong with hyphens, a domain with hyphens in them should not be your first choice, in terms of getting ranked.
  5. Your domain name should not contain a trademarked name.
    There are two reasons for this: One reason is that you run the risk of the trademark holder's lawyers contacting you.
    The second reason is that if you ever wanted to re-purpose your site to refer to a different product in the same niche, because the affiliate program for that product is no longer available or is no longer working out in your favor, then you would be pigeon-holed, you would be stuck with this one.
Well there you have it: Five simple rules to help you narrow down your search for how to choose a domain name.
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