Online Affiliate Market FAQs - Answered Here

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In this article I will be answering many of the questions people wonder when they are new or just interested in online affiliate marketing.
These will be questions I've run across multiple times and hope this will be a good source of information and help anyone trying to begin their new career.
What Is Online Affiliate Marketing? This is a very basic question, basically an affiliate is a person that promotes an item and when the affiliate gets someone to go to the site and buy them item, he / she will receive commission for that sale.
What is the main difference between a regular affiliate and an online affiliate A regular affiliate will usually have to set up meetings and go talk to customers to try and make a sale, an online affiliate however can just advertise the website of the item they promoting.
It's is a good system that allows you to work your own hours, rather then meeting different clients.
You may just put up a site advertising the product your are promoting, that site you spent maybe an hour one could make sales every day for months without you even touching it again.
How much money does an affiliate usually receive from a sale? Well that depends on what item you want to promote, some items will make you $10 a sale and I've seen others that make $250 a sale.
When choosing an item it's important to promote one that you know you can sell, it would be better to makes 10 sales on a $20 item then 5 sales on a $35 item.
What are some of the best way to advertise products? Well there are many ways of going about this, some people prefer to set up a page talking about it and try to get traffic to that site but it can be a challenge without using ads.
Google ads are becoming a great way to get a lot of traffic but you must be careful, If you do Google ads you can end up losing more money then you gain, but if you do it correctly you can make a killing.
Many people make thousands of dollars every day from Google ads, it's as simple as making an account and putting in the website address, the hard part is understanding what keywords, AdWords and whether or not to use a landing page.
Those 3 things can make the difference between losing money and making a couple thousand a day.
What are keywords and AdWords Keywords and AdWords are the words that will cause you advertisement or site page to appear when a person searches in Google or looks at specific products online.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can be successful with Affiliate ads? Yes actually there is a DvD course called the Clickbank Code, it was great for someone like me that has been doing this for years or for someone completely new to market, it goes in to details on landing pages, Adords, keywords.
It teaches you all you need to know to confidently begin making hundreds or even thousands a day with Google ads.
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