WebProsperity From Prelaunch, to Launch and Beyond - Why You Should Join Early

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WebProsperity is a web-based, online internet marketing business designed and built specifically for internet marketers.
Unlike most multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies, WebProsperity does not require the purchase or sales of a product.
Instead, they rather intelligently offer products that internet marketers use on a daily basis - the WebProsperity system includes a suite of six turnkey web tools that help build a sales team, communicate, and keep organized.
WebProsperity's creator, David D'Arcangelo, saw a need for the system after 20 years of research in the internet marketing industry.
D'Arcangelo is the author of several books including Cashflow Marketing and Wealth Starts At Home.
He has spoken at wealth building seminars for the Financial Destiny Group, a company he co-founded with Tony Robbins.
He was also the Chairman and President of two publicly traded companies on the American Stock Exchange.
D'Arcangelo has helped many people through his seminars, and will now be available to those lucky enough to join WebProsperity.
WebProsperity boasts a 67% payout with both immediate and residual cashflow.
The compensation plan, coined the "freedom compensation plan," has three steps.
Step one: Paysetter Bonus This bonus provides a 20% commission each month for every personally enrolled member.
Just five personally enrolled members cover the monthly membership costs.
Step two: 2x15 Matrix Residual Income This amazing matrix includes re-entry.
There is an unlimited earnings potential because platinum members who exhaust the matrix get new levels added.
Step three: Platinum Leadership and Development Bonuses These bonuses provide a generous compensation model outside of the matrix levels.
The earlier someone comes into the company, the more likely they are to get to this level.
The benefits of joining WebProsperity are:
  • -->No Purchase necessary; just use the products!
  • -->Own a real internet marketing business with no business to buy
  • -->No cost for a webstore
  • -->No employees
  • -->80 talented programmers working for you
  • -->No need to commit large sums of money
  • -->Access to the leadership and training of David D'Arcangelo
WebProsperitywill be in pre-launch phase until January 6, 2009 when it goes live.
Those who join the business during the prelaunch will be pleasantly surprised at the size of their downline when the company launches.
There will be a huge amount of spillover.
Those who join during the initial phases (during the first few months of the business) will also see huge growth.
Those interested should sign up quickly because there is no telling when this business will become a household name.
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