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As an amusement park, it's your responsibility to offer a safe and fun-filled environment to your customers. To ensure the safety of each individual, you should consider professional installation services for your equipment, and the use of only high quality equipment as well. One little mistake can lead to serious injury. That's why it is advisable for you to contact a professional.  An experienced professional will help you to set up an amusement park system by using the highest quality equipment. This will not only make your customers safe, but ensure satisfaction as well, helping you to grow your business.

Whether you want to set up a climbing wall outside of your house, or in the playground of your school, or at your business, you can contact Spectrum Sports International. They are one of the most credible and well-known providers in the industry, specializing in different types of amusement equipment and high quality installation and maintenance services. For many years, they have been offering on-site service, urgent service, self-service, on-site training, instruction, demonstrations, and a written test for up to 20 individuals per session. This shows their commitment to quality support.

An indoor climbing wall is really good for kids to enjoy, climbing safely and comfortably. It is an artificial wall, which offers a unique climbing experience, but can also boost confidence and offers health benefits. Spectrum Sports has developed new and innovative designs to improve on classic amusement equipment, including the first 4-climber and 5-climber portable walls, and walls in heights from 18 up to 32 feet (5.5m up to 9.75m). All of these products are designed with the needs and safety of climbers in mind, and they can be set up anywhere you want, indoors, outdoors, in a garden, playground, or anywhere else.

The indoor climbing walls are the easiest way to add a professional climbing wall to your facility. It can also be placed back-to-back to form a 360º tower. Spectrum Sports offers custom heights for their indoor climbing wall installations. They are the most trusted manufacturer of stationary climbing towers for theme parks, camps, FECs, and fitness facilities. All their products are designed with advanced technology, high-end & durable materials and creative artwork. Their climbing wall prices are also low enough that it's easy to afford these great products.

Spectrum Sports specializes in offering different types of products and spare parts, including the V4 ultimate bungee, zip lines, stunt jumps, climbing walls, coconut trees, ropes courses, auto-belays, bungee trampolines, climbing wall cables, mobile climbing walls, quick-links, triple-lock steel carabineers, swivels, auto-belay seal kits, quick-harnesses, child's full body harnesses, and full body harnesses among others. All these amusement products can be installed in summer camps, amusement parks, acrobatic training schools, beaches, swimming pools, water parks, and festivals among others. Just look at their website ( to find out more information about this great company.
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