Copywriters Guide to Understanding Graphic Designers

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Years of working off and on in advertising in Kansas City has proven a few things, not the least of which is that graphic designers are either high strung or extremely laid back.
There are a few things that they see, though, that tick them off across the board.
And the graphic designer at my company falls into that category, without a doubt.
Using low quality or pixelated pictures.
Looking at some ads, you'd swear that they were taken with somebody's cell phone.
From 2002.
There is absolutely no reason to have low resolution pictures in an ad.
With more and more stock photos available from professional photogs at reasonable prices, there isn't a reason to use even a scanned image now.
And if you can't modify your snaps in Photoshop, how can you call yourself a designer? 2.
Not paying attention to readability.
Not really sure what she meant exactly, but as she is a stickler for kerning and leading, it probably has something to do with that.
She will tinker with an ad till the typography is perfect, and claims that all fonts have certain issues when it comes to spacing.
All of it affects readability and how your eye travels through an ad.
Don't even get her started on leading.
As much time as she spends with the space between letters and words, she spends even more with leading issues.
She's very precise about how she handles leading, and each font is different.
She keeps a chart of how she likes to space the lines based on each font and then size.
The chart saves her from having to use the calculator to determine preferred leading.
They're the same thing.
She just looked at me and sighed sadly.
I'm pretty sure they are the same thing.
A single word on a line is a widow.
I remember that from my cut and paste days working at a newspaper.
Maybe and orphan is a single word line at the top of a column.
I think that's it.
According to her, any designer who does that should be shot with reverse type bullets in Comic Sans.
Filling space with useless crap.
She's a big fan of white space.
Giving the reader's mind time to find the message, empty space is not wasted space.
Wasted space is a graph or chart that no one will read.
Any time a client asks to use a burst for some bit of information, she will actually CUT IT OUT of the first draft of an ad to give to the sales rep.
She goes a long way to prove her point.
And God forbid someone ask to make the logo bigger, which is much akin to saying something about her mother.
By far, the deadliest sin I have ever committed is using two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence.
For three weeks after we started working together, she said not a word about my transgression.
Until she did.
Then she pulled out an old trick to keep me from double spacing.
She started throwing paper clips at me when I did it.
Old habits die hard, but she broke me of the habit rather quickly.
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