Why You Should Avoid a Smartwool Socks Sale

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So, what gives? Isn't it a good idea to get something on sale?

Sure, I love a bargain as much as the next person however, finding a Smartwool socks sale doesn't always mean you are getting the best deal.

What is Your Time Worth?

I have noticed over my years of buying outdoor gear that it takes a lot of research to find a really good deal. Sure, you can save a buck or two if you shop around but are you really saving enough to make up your time?

Take this example, when I searched the internet for Smartwool sock sale Google returned 1.2 million results. Really? How long is it going to take me to get through that list? I know, like you I rarely go past the first few pages. Sometimes I'll dig deeper but I usually get tired of browsing after just a few pages.

If you spend a couple of hours on a Sunday browsing the internet for a great deal only to end up buying one pair of socks at a 30% discount off a $20 pair of socks you are essentially saying your time is worth $3 per hour. Of course that doesn't include shipping.

Do You Really Want XXXL Orange Socks?

So, out of 1.2 million sites selling Smartwool socks on sale what kind of deals are really out there? Unfortunately, not as many as you would think. If you want a deal you usually have to settle for whatever leftovers there are at the end of the season. Most often this means limited quantities and limited sized. Which is fine if you are color blind and have a clown foot but for the rest of us who are normal sized we end up with gaudy colors that bunch around our ankles they are so large.

Then you have to add in the shipping costs because you will rarely find enough socks in your size and in a color you want to add up to the $50 minimum purchase for free shipping that most online retailers require.

So What Should You Do?

I do have some tips for getting the best all around deal when looking for a Smartwool socks sale. If you would rather spend your time enjoying your family or frolicking outdoors don't get too hung up on buying things on sale. Your time is valuable and if you spend it online looking for a deal that is time away from your favorite activities.

If you are an Amazon Prime member ($80 per year) you can usually get free shipping on most items. If you buy a decent amount of things online this makes a lot of sense since shipping charges are expensive. This can really be a deal breaker on some small items when shipping charges amount to as much as 1/3 of the price of the item itself.
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