Video Marketing - How To Dominate Video

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Video marketing is the future of online promotion.
Gone are the days when using just text for your web based business was good enough.
Today successful internet marketers use video and to secure your share of the online market you must dominate video marketing just as the gurus did with text based marketing.
The idea of dominating video is far from most marketer's minds.
Simply the concept of making and using video seems far too difficult to contemplate.
The majority of internet marketers do not want to appear on video.
They are afraid of getting in front of the camera and do not know what to say.
They know nothing about how to produce video.
Concerns are easily overcome These are all concerns that can be overcome easily.
For a start it is not important to be seen in your video production.
In fact recent tests completed by one of the top video marketers, Alex Goad, has shown that the best customer response does not come from live videos of a person.
They actually come from videos that simply have text on screen with a voice that speaks over the screen text.
That is something that any internet marketer can do.
If you don't know what to say in your video then just think about what you would say to a customer who wants information about whatever you are selling.
That will be all you need to get your first video content written and ready for production.
So, on to production; just how do you make a video? Again it is not difficult.
Video marketing has been around for long enough to have given a strong base of marketers who are seeking more information about video production.
To give them what they want a small number of software producers have started to make tutorial programs.
Some of these have been introduced by people who have seen an opportunity and have jumped on the band wagon.
They might give other marketers who want to start in video marketing some basic ideas but many go no further than that.
Learning how to do it Alongside the tutorials that are very basic you can find some that go a little further.
They cover some of the more advanced production methods.
They cover live video and text based productions.
Some even go as far as to give demonstrations of good video production software.
One well known marketer, Mark Dulisse, has always stressed the importance of video in selling his products.
He has now joined with Alex Goad to produce the best video training currently available.
They have called it "Dominating Video".
It goes into great detail about how to produce your video.
Very importantly it also gives vast amounts of information, advice and training for how to use video in the internet marketing process.
It is the only training program currently offered online that does this.
It literally takes you by the hand and demonstrates how to effectively use video in your online business.
If you want to make money online then it will teach you how to be a successful video marketer who will dominate video.
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