Pay Yourself First!

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How many of you keep telling yourself that you have no money? That happens a lot at this time of year! One of the TV shows that I watch regularly is Dragon's Den (the Canadian version of the U.
show, Shark Tank).
I enjoy it this year because one of the investors is David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber.
I love that book! One of the key principles in that book is to pay yourself first.
Well, for many of you, this may sound totally crazy - especially after paying all those bills you received in January.
I felt the same way a few years ago when I re-launched my business.
I was always feeling broke and poor even though I was working my butt off.
We have developed the habit, as entrepreneurs, of paying the power bill, the mortgage, the web designer, the book-keeper and everyone else...
That sends a powerful message to the Universe - that everyone else comes first - that I didn't matter.
Talk about messing with my head! I re-read the book a few years ago, and realized that I needed to make a change.
After spending so much time thinking that, and feeling like, I had no money for me - that I couldn't go on vacation, that I couldn't buy that new suit, that I couldn't afford that manicure, I realized that I had it all wrong.
I had it backwards.
And you probably do, too.
I needed to start paying myself first - even when I only had one client in the beginning.
I needed to change that whole 'universal flow' of feeling like I never had enough money - or any money.
So, here's what I did and what I recommend to my clients: 1.
Identify your revenue goal for the year.
Write that down on post-it notes and put it everywhere you can see it throughout your day.
Imprint it in your subconscious - and be aware of it constantly.
Break that amount down to weekly goals.
Get very clear on how much you need to make each week in order to achieve your annual goal.
Get yourself some glass jars or letter-size envelopes.
Label them, listing each of your expense areas and be sure to have one that has YOUR name on it - 4.
At the end of each week, put some cash into each jar so that you can pay your bills at the end of the month.
Now, I know that, for some of you, this sounds really juvenile - and perhaps it is.
But it works! 5.
Start with the jar that has YOUR name on it - and put some cash in there FIRST.
You may only be starting with $1.
But you've got to start somewhere! You'll be surprised how quickly this starts adding up.
At the end of the week, or month, take that cash in your jar and buy yourself something - again, you may start small - but it's all about taking the action.
Once you start this habit - you will see a number of things start to happen.
You will start to feel good about yourself.
You will begin to feel a sense of self-worth, and that all your hard work is amounting to something, for YOU! You will start to see an increase in the amount each week - and have a money breakthrough.
You will begin to value yourself much more and that will project in your conversations with prospects and clients.
You will bring back the joy in your business and in your life.
These are the exact steps I took, taking me from zero to multiple six-figures in my business.
Does it sound too simple to be true? Perhaps.
But it works.
Isn't that all that matters?
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