What Can Make a Marketing Campaign Go Viral? Part 2

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In the first part of this article, I wrote about the difficulties of anticipating a product or thing's success in the market and - by extension - on the internet.
I also put in detail some of the more recognizable traits that an online viral sensation possesses.
I will continue discussing more of these traits in this second part of the article.
Along with the great value it provides as well as its capacity to satisfy a starving market, another essential element for a viral campaign is its heavy reliance on the internet's closely connected community of users.
(The usual Search Engine Optimization techniques are of little use here.
) They are in effect the carriers of the viral bug and they are ready to spread it out to equally eager victims.
This actually serves well with the way the web is structured; that is, leveraging on the link-based fabric from which the internet holds together.
A superior viral campaign also knows its medium - and the users who consume it - quite well.
Perhaps the primary activity of people who go and log into the internet is to do some research on a specific topic of interest or watch, read or listen to something that entertains them.
And if they get their desired serving then we can expect many of them to share this to other like-minded people.
It must thus not just cater to any type of customer; it must specifically be furnished in such a way that it is friendly to the very culture of the internet medium.
Though hard to achieve, it's really not a stretch to aim for a viral homerun.
All it takes is for us to understand the internet and its users well, provide a compellingly useful product, and of course, a helpful serving of luck won't hurt.
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