Motor Sergeant Duties

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    Maintenance Duties

    • The motor sergeant is responsible for planning all maintenance on the vehicles. He will tell his employees what vehicles to inspect and what type of damage they should be prepared to find. As a result, he must understand all the vehicles in his unit thoroughly as well as understand the type of damage that can occur in the conditions his unit is operating. For example, a vehicle operating in the desert can expect a lot of damage caused by heat and sand. He directs and supervises these repairs to make sure his employees are performing their repairs correctly. Once repairs are finished he reports the success of these repairs to the maintenance officer. The motor sergeant is also responsible for giving advice to his commander and other soldiers on all maintenance issues, such as changing the oil and cleaning windshields. This helps them perform simple maintenance on their vehicles that would be a waste of the motor sergeant's highly trained staff's time.

    Safety Duties

    • The motor sergeant is responsible for enforcing safety procedures in her shop as well as all vehicular safety procedures. She makes sure her employees perform all safety procedures, such as double checking a jack, wearing safety goggles, and keeping all flammable fluids and objects away from any open flame. She checks all of her equipment and supplies regularly to make sure they are operating properly. A welding rod that has frayed electronics can cause a fire and she must be able to spot these frayed wires and either repair them or remove the welding rod from the shop. She must also make sure her shop falls within the boundaries of all environmental safety laws. For example, her shop must not leak any oils into the ground. She must understand these laws and regulations and enforce them in her shop. Any safety mistake by her workers is a mistake that will fall on her shoulders. She must also create contingency plans with headquarters or the environmental officer to cover any emergency situation in her shop.

    Administrative Tasks

    • The motor sergeant has many regular administration tasks he must undergo to keep all of the business of his shop in order. He must assign tasks regularly and keep written records of who performed what repair, how they performed it and how much it cost. All work schedules are written by the maintenance officer but the motor sergeant enforces these schedules and keeps records of them. He makes sure that all payroll information is carefully stored away and filed. This ensures his employees will get paid for their work. All other paperwork for the shop must be filled out and filed by the motor sergeant. He may assign many of these administration tasks to employees, such as accountants and secretaries, to make his administration tasks easier. However, he is responsible for his administration and in the eyes of the miltary, any mistake made by his employees is a mistake he has made.

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