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Digital world has conquered the analogue world. Everything has gone digital. On narrowing down to books, eBooks are their counterpart. They are easily accessible through eBook readers which also offer various options. readers support eBooks which are in the .epub format. These readers format the eBook content according to the width of the eBook reader. The user just has to either scroll up or down or from page to page. These readers also offer various options such as dictionary, web search, book marking etc. When people find a word, which is new to them, all they need to do is to highlight the word and the reader invokes the inbuilt dictionary to show the meaning.

People can also use the internet to get other information associated with the word. And Book marking is another cool feature which gives the freedom to the user to forget the page number of the book last read. When the user opens the reader again, an index of book marks is shown to the user and the user can choose according to his/her wish.

One of the latest readers is the iMito iM7-Android 2.1 Tablet PCMID7inch TFT Touch Screen Telechips Reader. This is a tablet which comes with an android 2.1 operating system. This tablet has an application which enables eBook reading. The experience will be comfortable because of the wide 7 inch TFT screen.

The tablet also provides all other features of any other tablet like music, video, internet, vast storage etc. The eBook Reader comes with 256MB RAM and a processor whose speed is between 720-800MHz. The Li-ion battery lasts for 4 hours and the user can read all the books which he/she wants by either downloading from the internet or by obtaining a softcopy of the eBook and converting it to the .epub format and by transferring it into the tablet.

Some of the other readers are TPAD Miroad E7001 7" 480 x 800 Resolution 4GB HD Colour E-Book Readers, TPAD 7 Inch eBook Reader with HD Media Player (4GB) etc. The specifications of each eBook reader may be different. Some readers may have a good processor while other eBook readers may have a good battery life. The cost varies according to the features provided in the tablet. Since these are all tablets, they enable the user to carry around a pocket personal computer.

EBook reading is an important feature in the tablet which is used by millions of people all around the world. So, it's time to go digital.

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