Can You Sell Your Home in a Down Market? YES!

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Despite doom and gloom reports about the real estate market, houses are moving.
A broker Dick Gaylord whom is with RE/MAX real estate said this "those that are priced right and are being marketed properly are selling" again bringing the point of properly using the three P's.
It's usually the price that holds back offers.
If you expect the price you would have gotten three or four years ago, you are probably being unrealistic.
The economy is down and may be for a while but if you look at the current market you can price your home to sell.
Pricing The right price depends on the current market value of your home.
Price can drastically change from region to region and even between neighborhoods.
Your homes price should match those that have recently sold.
If your local area has been decreasing only look back three to six months, again do not be greedy and unrealistic.
Depending on how quickly you want to sell, if wanting to sell fast start in the mid range of where you would have started, or even on the low end.
If not start high and work it down to where your comfortable.
Preparation The better your home looks the higher your asking price can be, and the sooner it will sell.
Staging your home is pertinent since the economy has produced an overflow of inventory.
You need to make your home stand out and shine.
A few tips on staging: Neutralize- put away the family photos, religious icons, knick knacks and clutter.
This creates more space.
De-clutter: clear off counter tops, remove up to half of your furniture as to show the square footage at its best.
Consider renting a storage to move all the things out you have moved and to clean up the garage.
Rearrange- Arrange the furniture in a way that allows clients to move smoothly through the home.
Hilighlight rooms with focal points, such as fireplaces with furniture gatherings.
Let It Shine- Clean, and scrub the house, especially bathrooms and kitchens.
Make sure to pressure wash sidings and decks, even repaint if necessary.
Lanscape- This can be a very key point whether or not you sell your home.
Make sure to mow the lawn and edge it.
Clean up all the weeds, freshly fertilize and water your plants to make it look better.
If buyers think your yard looks cluttered and unmaintained, chance are they will think your home is as well, and they will keep on driving.
Publicity This is the step where you want to let buyers know your now selling.
Use all of the resources like: Newspaper, Online advertising, Real Estate Listings, Open Houses, and Realtor Tours.
Post to your local banks and credit unions as well, as they are wanting to sell your home for you and have most of the time great potential buyers.
Just make sure to focus on every aspect of featuring your home online, in the newspapers or television ads.
If marketed poorly you could suffer a loss on the home and you may not get what you want to get into for your other home.
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