How to Register a Canada Domain Name

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The Canadian Internet Registration Authority commonly called the CIRA is an association which sustains a register of all domain names ending in "dot-ca".
This big association comprises of around hundred and fifty verified Registrars who aid in registering, renewing, transferring and amending the registration data of customers who have registered in the "dot ca" domain name.
Canadian Domain names are supposed to be the most trust worthy and reputed domains in the whole world.
This is due to the fact that all "dot-ca" are directly controlled by Canadian Laws.
If you are interested in registering your domain name in this, there are some points to be kept in mind before you do so.
  • First make a list of domain names that you want to buy.
    For all you know your company name may not even be obtainable.
    Try and add other manes which will actually portray your venture or service.
  • Make use of CIRA "WHOIS" in order to check out whether the domain name is obtainable.
    Remember to add "ca" at the end.
    Just press the search button to find out if the domain name is already in use.
    If it is already registered, then the person or company who is registered in the similar name will be displayed.
    Otherwise, there will be a message telling you that this name is accessible.
  • The next step is to choose a registrar from the CIRA list to enter your name.
    Make sure that the Registrar is directly verified by CIRA to register Canadian names for their clients.
    Search and find out which website offers you reasonable rates and bargainable offers.
    After you have decided the website in which you are going to register, then follow the directions that are given in order to register your name.
  • The final step is to authorize your acquisition.
    CIRA should authorize the registration of all the Canadian domains.
    But this process will depend on the registrar.
    If the registration does not include authorization, then you will get a mail from the CIRA which will give you the directions to validate your registration.
As you can see registering a ca domain name in the CIRA is one of the best ways to promote your venture and do go for it immediately of you have not already registered your name in there.
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