Monavie Secret To Success Exposed - Expert Reveals All

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MonaVie has had one of the biggest launches ever in the history of MLM, mostly because of a marketer named Brig Hart. He is in fact the top earner of MonaVie.

At the time of MonaVie's launch, Brig Hart was in Amway, which at that time was known as Quixtar. What Brig Hart did was that he joined MonaVie at the company launch, taking with him a team of hundreds of marketers with him.

Brig Hart's move enabled MonaVie to become one of the largest MLM companies existing in its first year online. The company has been able to sustain growth over five years, making it to the top 1% of the most productive MLM companies.

The key factor for MonaVie growth sustainability...

MonaVie has an effective training system, a strong compensation plan, great products and leadership. MonaVie is also widely known for its great customer care, shipping quickly, paying its distributors on time, and also for resolving any arising issues. Another key factor is that the company is completely debt free, thus very stable and reliable.

One of the most interesting fact about MonaVie is that you can actually see how much people are earning whilst running their MonaVie business. It is clearly shown that about 40 MonaVie distributors earn more than $1,000,000 every single year with MonaVie. This is great to know, considering that the average MLM company doesn't have more than 10 members earning that amount.

The downside to this fact is that the average MonaVie marketer, actually more than 60,000 people, are earning about $39 per week or less.

Let us now take a look at the strategy Brig Hart used in order to become MonaVie's top earner. When he joined MonaVie, he was already considered to be a leader, at the time working with Amway. When he decided to switch company, all his followers followed him as well, joining through him. This obviously happened because he was their leader in Amway, so when he moved, they did too.

This makes us realise a simple reality...

People do not join an organisation, people join leaders!

So, what does it take to prosper in MonaVie?

The key to MonaVie success is to learn how to promote yourself as a leader and never promote your business. This is actually the secret formula used by today's most successful network marketers and top earners. So if you really want to make a living out of your MonaVie business, you have to follow the simple formula top earners use. Do like Brig Hart did, learn how to bring out the leader in you. You have to brand yourself as a leader out there, and people will adore you for who you are. Learn how to brand yourself and your MonaVie business will grow and thrive!

Brand yourself, shine, be the next MonaVie star! You deserve it!

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