Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

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You have probably been asking yourself "What is kettle corn, how is it distinct from than popcorn and why is it a great idea to be in this business enterprise?" Kettle corn is not caramel corn; it doesn't taste like the Cracker Jacks you consumed as a child, and it isn't like cheese popcorn or other "flavored" assortments.
Kettle corn is special; there is no secret ingredient; but it's the ratio of these components that makes the difference.
You'll need to check what's needed in your area as to what local permits are required.
If you're going to pop locally, your health depart will require an inspection; it's probably a very small fee to find the necessary permit, although you'll discover it's never the identical requirements from location to location.
Depending where you are, additional equipment may be needed which will force you to raise your investment money from the start.
A sink will be the most essential extra item you might need (to wash your hands and/or equipment) and a pressurized water tank with a heat source.
There is nothing as discouraging as dealing with local health departments as the prerequisites can vary greatly for each location.
In some places around the country, a state license may be necessary (often at times called a "Transient Vendor License) before you can set up shop-- also, before you receive this permit (which may be something seemingly unrelated to your venture) you may be required to buy liability insurance.
This main reason for this policy is to pay for medical expenses should a customer or employee hurt themselves on your "property".
When you have eventually gotten all your papers together, you need to find events and venues in which to sell your product.
Some huge event isn't always the best; however, the big events can demand bigger fees from their vendors since bigger crowds of people tend to increase the set-up price.
The big state fairs will most likely have another kettle corn tent with whom you'll have to deal with on a per profit basis.
But, smaller spots such as local weekly farmers markets and well-attended arts and crafts fairs can end up being quite profitable.
These events require less per square foot and it's very unusual for them to have more than one kettle corn vendor since what they're mainly offering is locally grown vegetables.
A kettle corn business, unlike some other business, is comparatively inexpensive to get into, particularly when you see the potential for earnings.
Once you have purchased your basic equipment, your only "overhead" is the cost of supplies, and the fee for the venue at which you're selling.
Once everything is in place, the kettle, sifting bin, propane tanks, tent or cart and the smaller items that are necessary-- your profit-to-expense ratio will be a pleasant surprise.
However, nothing--including making kettle corn--is "easy money"-- you have to work at it.
You'll have to look for events and venues, and navigating a bureaucratic maze to get your licenses and people whose job seems to consist of passing you off to someone else.
At the start and end of every day, you're the one in charge-- there is no one else telling you what to do.
Yes, you have to do all the work yourself-- preparing, transporting, keeping the books, (and it's a good idea to hire an accountant to check your taxes) and advertising your product.
Promotion can include everything from setting up a website, as can posting flyers, giving away magnets with your information on them, and well as handing out free samples are all good business practices this is needed if you're thinking of going into retail.
This is a whole other area of owning a kettle corn business, such as a home base in which to pop and package your product, strict inspections by local food/restaurant inspectors and, of course, figuring out your prices and the retailers cut.
As in any entrepreneurial venture, you'll discover many paths to take, but your efforts will be repaid once you realize the profits and popularity of your kettle corn-- and you're the boss!
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