Why Give Organic Gift Baskets

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Does Organic Fruit Actually Taste Better? Just recently, in the last few years, there have been many studies on the benefits of organics. Most of us would agree that pesticides and chemicals don't sound very appetizing, but is the fruit really juicer and does it taste better? Could you really tell the difference between a regular fruit gift basket and an organic fruit basket? [http://www.fruitcompanygifts.com] Many have argued this point but simply said, why would world renowned chefs insist on using organics in their meals...why because it tastes better! Do you think it's because they care about your health? No! They want their meals to stand out, above the rest and cooking with organics does this for them.

What Does Certified Organic Actually Mean?

When buying your fruit gift basket [http://www.fruitcompanygifts.com] make sure it has the seal of approval - USDA Organic!

In November of 2001 the overseeing of the organic processes began. Stringent rules have been put in place so consumers know when they pay that little bit extra for organic they're getting their monies worth. Rules that include the following:
* No Pesticides or Herbicides
* No Synthetic Fertilizers
* No Sewage Sludge (I'm sold right here!)
* No Bioengineering
* No Ionizing Radiation (I like my food sons radiation, please!)
For livestock there's a whole other set of rules but that's a different article.

The Earth Will Thank You!Many consumers are choosing green gifts - Products that are good for our mother earth. You can't get any greener, more politically correct or any healthier with an organic basket! The soil/mother earth is so much better without the pesticides and chemicals. Be hip and cool with the greenest most earthly friendly gifts this year!

When It Says Organic, It Says You Mean It! Besides the health and natural issues there are even move reasons why organic has been so popular. I don't know about you but when I see a label that says organic, I see a designer label. The perceived value of an organic fruit basket is much higher than you think. If you're trying to impress a client or your mother-in-law this will do it! When they see that label, Certified Organic, there will be no stopping the rant reviews you'll get just from this little, but largely perceived gesture.

Folks, the proof is in the pudding or in this case "the basket!" Vist us at http://www.FruitCompanyGifts.com
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