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Before you get started in affiliate marketing, you should know that it's going to take time.
Unless you already have a list of thousands of previous buyers, you're not going to start off with a bang.
That's the reason most affiliate marketers fail, they quit too soon and never learn how to make their Internet business grow.
Once you do your research and find an affiliate business you want to join, it's time to plan a strategy that your comfortable with.
The company you plan to join will probably have some promotion plans for you to use.
Getting people to visit your website in the first place will be your biggest challenge.
This is what breaks most new people in this business.
There is a simple way to do this that I'm going to show you and it will not take any money to do this.
Here's what you do, start writing articles and get them posted online.
Write articles that are about the niche you're promoting on your affiliate website.
At the end of the article have a link to a splash page that will capture their name and email address with an opt-in form.
Do something every day to build your list and keep in touch with the members using an autoresponder.
Have a years worth of emails ready to go out on a weekly basis.
This will keep your name fresh on the minds of your list of people.
Learn your business well and put in the time necessary to get it moving.
Six months from now you will be glad you did.
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