Constance Carmel's Legend Wedding

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The story revolves around other characters Roman who takes an unplanned trip and Ron guided by Constance's wisdom, makes a desperate attempt for his love Danielle. This, he does, knowingly that it may cost his dream job operations manager for party down.

The season one of party down had a number of characters who found themselves in completely new positions and season two is no different either. It again stars Henry's desire to act again. Ron's possible promotion and Romans new found genius. The two characters who were exceptions are Casey and Henry who were enjoyable to watch but they quite did not act together in the episodes of party down.

Nevertheless, Henrys' story is the most effective that has been responsive to the possibilities and his dreams of getting back to acting. He also fares well when Carmella advises him to follow his heart which he reflects in two occasions. Though he would not be available if party down is aired of the third comeback, he has regained some fame and if he actually takes up acting as a career, he is surely likely to succeed.

Jane lynch has made an impression in the character of Constance Carmel. Constance is full of hope, optimism and love and her wedding planning and choice of wedding dress are all practical and down to earth. She has honesty when she admits that her love for Howard is only to get a role and during the wedding ceremony he purposefully leaves her without having signed a pre- nup, and dies fifty feet of his wedding, and the wedding dress. The philosophy is clear and sound.

Ron is to concentrate on Constance's wedding rather than having a story of his own. Their wedding dress is also a legend. The character of Henry is the strongest link in the episode that decides to finally step up to the plate and gets back his career. This multi faceted decision makes his character strong since he does it for Casey, for Constance and for himself too. He has made a strong impression in this second season and if the third one gets into rolling, it is certain that more life of Henry will be seen and he would achieve something bigger and better than the first two seasons.
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