What is the Best Way to Survive Recession?

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Today I will like to share with you "What is the best way to survive recession?" Firstly, I would like you to rethink about what you really want in life.
Do you really want to be caught in the rat race, having to constantly fight politics and brush up your resume and interview skills and fend off competitors who are just as skilled as you are, if not better? Ask yourself this: Do you want your life to be dictated by someone else i.
your employer? Why are you working so hard, and earning lesser than the owner of the company, when he is working much lesser than you are and earning MUCH MORE than you are? Very simple: Because he is the owner of the company.
Now, today I am not asking you to set up your own retail store or restaurant or any offline company .
Granted that owners of company are able to earn a lot more than employees, many SMES have had to close down during this trying times, even owners of companies are not spared.
Therefore, today I want to tell you something: the only way to survive recession today is: To own your online company.
Online companies - what are the risks? Basically, it only requires a small amount of capital and your time.
Heck, you can start off with less than a $100 to register your very own online website like how I did, and the amount of money you get is not dictated by your employer or competitors or whatever they think you are worth.
The amount of money you can earn is dictated by how much you want to succeed online, how much you want to turn from rags-to-riches like how we have, with a simple click, with a positive mindset, take this tiny baby step to succeed today.
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