Omg! The Best Ftv Marilyn Ever!

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I've always had in the back of my mind a fetish for public nudity ftv girls gallery or sluttiness. But rilee ftv in this world of cell phones with cameras, it's hard to trust random people at a party to not take pictures and post them somewhere. If you liked this article so you would like to be given more info concerning ftv lena,, kindly visit our own web site. To be clear, ftv girl kristin I'm a man, about 6'3", lean athletic build. Societal rules are a bit different in this situation compared to being a woman. Luckily, I had a good opportunity when my friend threw a "C" party.
I had partied with this guy for the last couple of years at his house. Like all house parties, the same crowd is around and it makes for a better atmosphere each time they meet up. I was really wanting to dress slutty for this party, and I wanted a bit of embarrassment as well. I decided on "Captain Underpants," complete with the white briefs and red cape. That was it. The thought of everyone seeing myself basically completely exposed was turning me on. The fact that everyone would be able to see if I was turned on, was turning me on. I had a level 10 hard on while I was just modeling my outfit in my room. Being in control was going to be difficult.
I wore some athletic shorts to get to my car and drive to the house just to be decent. When I arrived, I found the closest parking spot to the house, took off my shorts, and stepped outside with my case of beer. It was a warm night (Thank god!) so I wasn't uncomfortable. I could hear the music playing inside, my heart was racing, and I was getting a half chub thinking about what was coming next. At the door I told myself, "You have no other choice but to be confident."
I opened the door and immediately all eyes are on me. This usually happens, simply because I'm taller than normal, but everyone went from looking me in the eyes, to my package, back to my eyes. I had the hardest time not popping wood right there. There were about 6 people in the front living room and the rest, about 20 or so, were in the kitchen and out back. All of the guys got my costume right away and gave me high fives but most, if not all, the women didn't understand (the host ran and got one of the books to show).
So here I am standing and conversing with the same beautiful women I've met many times before with the small exception that I'm in my underwear. "Are those sensi ftv your normal undies?" was a line that got thrown around a lot. It took everything in my power to not get hard, secretly I wanted to just for the embarrassment. After saying hello to to everyone, I went back to this girl Natalie (changed) who I've had my eye on. She was wrapped up in "Caution" tape so we exchanged a few quips. More than once, I used the line, "Excuse me, my eyes are up here." She gave me a coy smile each time.
I got pretty comfortable over the next hour running around in my underwear. It was fun, liberating, and I felt like a slut. Beer pong was in full effect outside and Natalie wanted me to be her partner. Of course I obliged. About half way in I was trolling since I was paying more attention to Natalie than the game. After missing my 8th or 9th shot Natalie said (loud enough for everyone to hear), "If you don't make this next shot, I'm pouring this water cup on you!" Instantly, I saw the consequences. They turned me on. Again, I had to suppress the beast. I could tell Natalie didn't have a bra on underneath and I wasn't sure if she had panties on either, but I replied, "And if I make it, you take off your tape!" Her face flushed along with her chest. She knew what was going to happen. Natalie said, "Deal." We shook on it and I took my sweet time lining up that shot.
The rack was a pyramid scheme with 6 cups (she made the other four), and as I shot, I saw the ball was on line, had the right distance, and it bounced off the rim and on to the ground. Natalie looked relieved but took the water cup looked me in the eye and said, "Are you sure?" She is a nice girl too, allowing me to not embarrass myself. I couldn't go back on my word though. "Do it." So she poured the water down my chest and everyone at the party started cheering and hollering.
There was no back up underwear to change into and going out to my car to get my shorts would make me look insecure. I made the mistake of looking around to see everyone with their eyes checking me out. Natalie and I still had to finish our beer pong game which we ended up winning. She gave me a celebratory hug and ground her hips into me a little (as if she wasn't obvious enough). She then copped a feel while winking when she pulled away. This put me past the point of no return, wet see through underwear, a hot girl flirting with me, and she touched my junk. Now I'm not always smooth but the highlight of my life is when I said, "If you start it, you have to finish it."
She was 3 steps away from me but came back and instantly shoved her tung down my throat. I was rocking a full hard on now but she was gripping it through the wet cotton. She then started kissing my chest then my stomach, to finally she pulled down my briefs and wrapped her lips around my cock. I almost came right then and there. Meanwhile word gets out what is going on and there is a crowd of people watching me get sucked off. Normally, it takes me a while to get off when a girl is blowing me but at what felt like 3 minutes, I told her I was about to cum. Her domineer changed, from showmanship for the crowd to pornstar freak. Natalie picked up the pace and kept her mouth on me while I came. When she felt me shrinking, she stood up, looked me dead in the eye, and gave a deep swallow for everyone to see.
I was still recovering from the best orgasm I've had but she tucked me into my still wet underwear (still see through as well) and told me she was getting a beer chaser. I asked my friend if anyone took out their cameras and he said no one did. That was a relief. When Natalie got back we each had a beer said goodbye to our friends and went back to my place where I found out she wasn't wearing anything underneath her tape.

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