The LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank - Good Gift for Father and Son

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Kids, young and old alike, will enjoy building the LEGO Star Wars clone turbo tank.
The toy and collectible comes with dual cockpits, guns that move, and a command station.
Turning wheels and a flexible suspension make this toy tank one toy collectible your children and you will enjoy.
Of course, you can't have a tank without mini figurines in the form of Star Wars characters too.
The tank also comes with Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka, and Cad Bane.
A battle droid and two clone troopers are included as well.
A Timeless Toy with an Ever-popular Theme The tank, equipped with an arsenal of missiles, lasers, and cannons, is ready to take on the unscrupulous Cad Bane and the Separatist opposition.
No doubt, you will like the realistic details of this small annihilator, what with its two cockpits and panels that can be opened to display the toy tank's interior.
Plus, the tank comes with a convenient pop-up handle so you can conveniently carry it too.
The tank is large - 17 inches (45 cm) long and eight inches (or 20 cm) high.
This toy comes with over 1,000 LEGO pieces - 1,141 to be exact, so it will occupy any kid's time.
Needless to say, it is not surprising that the tank is regularly ranked as a favorite toy, whether the kid is 8 years old or 45 years of age.
LEGO provides timeless toys with ever-popular themes.
A Good Gift for Father and Son As mentioned, once the tanker is built, you will have plenty in the way to entertain you, what with the open panels and interior detailing.
If you are a LEGO collector or Star Wars fan, you will want to buy one or two turbo tanks of this model to add to your collection.
This set provides a nice way for a father and his son to spend their time too - time well-spent in terms of the features, size, cost, and overall design of the product.
Therefore, most collectors of the toy can't help but describe it as awesome, especially when they note the number of pieces and find out that the tank comes with a suspension system and wheels that replicate an actual tank.
Buy Two Turbo Tanks Collectors are excited too when figurines, such as Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka, Aayla Secura and the bounty hunter Cad Bane are included with the toy.
No wonder the LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank is considered a toy that is highly collectible.
That is why serious collectors should buy more than one or double up on the collectible.
Whether your child loves Star Wars movies or you collect Star Wars paraphernalia, you will appreciate this product.
Minimal Complaints The popularity of this product can be evidenced by the number of complaints, which appeared to be minimal.
Few reviewers had any negative thing to say about this LEGO product.
One reviewer found that the product was somewhat difficult to assemble, but, then again, he was nine years old and still gave the product a 5-star rating.
The major complaint that was issued was by a reviewer who thought that the product was a bit too pricey.
However, considering all the four and five-star ratings the toy received, it is clear that people are willing to pay the price affixed to the product, which is just under $120 retail.
A Truly Incredible Toy Again, although the tank lists for a little over $100, the price does not seem to be too much for any LEGO or Star Wars fan or enthusiast.
In fact, based on overall consumer sentiment, it would not be a bad idea to give one to your child and build and keep one for yourself.
In fact, place it on its own special shelf in your home or office.
Needless to say, whether you buy this toy and collectible for a Christmas or a birthday present, you will get an exuberant response.
Even if the recipient is not a Star Wars fan but likes LEGO toys and collectibles, they will soon want to start a Star Wars collection once they receive this truly incredible toy.
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