Bras: Facts and Figures

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An estimate shows that 80% of all women do not get their bra size right.
Wearing the right bra adds comfort and is a boost to your confidence.
A well-fitting bra allows you to approach the day feeling comfortable and feminine.
Bras not only add grace to your figure, they are a practical utility.
Wearing the right size bra ensures that you will not have to face the trauma of sagging breasts, back aches, shoulder aches and skin thinning.
Change is a law of nature, and the human body is no exception.
Yet, some changes are more noticeable than others.
In cases like weight loss or gain and during pregnancy, breast size changes drastically.
This means that your bra size also changes.
Finding the right size is not difficult because most bra companies offer a wide array of cup and band sizes, ranging from sturdy and functional to true fashion statements.
A truly supportive fit encompasses, but not necessarily covers the entire breast.
There should not be any side or over the top spillage of the breast.
The best thing to do is try a size for some time and see if it works for you.
This means bra straps should not be constantly falling down.
If they do, it is a sure sign that you are not wearing the correct size.
Also, you should not experience any pain in the neck and shoulders.
For optimum comfort, your bra should be anchored at or below your shoulder blades.
While shopping for bras, try on various sizes.
A perfect fit will ensure that you will not face problems breathing, walking, running or jumping.
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