Why You Need To Hire A Professional Copywriter

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When selling a product or service you tend to create a sales page to advertise that product or service. You may think then that it is this that actually sells your product or service. But you would be wrong - it is the words that sell your product not the sales page itself. You can have the best product ever created but if the words aren't compelling enough then you won't sell anything. Even if you did they won't be anything like as many as you could have sold with the correct words.

It's not always the fault of the sales page for lack of sales so if your product isn't selling very well first check that your campaign has been set up correctly. Are you posting to a buyer's list? Are you advertising to the correct audience? If your campaign has been set up correctly then it will probably be the fault of the sales page.

If you wrote it yourself read it out aloud and then ask yourself if you would buy this product if you were reading it for the first time. Did it keep you engaged? Did it make you read all the way to the end no matter how long it was? Did it end with you thinking "I have to buy this product now!".

If the answer was no then you need to ask a professional copywriter to rewrite it for you.
Sometimes the body could be fine and it may just need a different headline, after all 82% of people don't read beyond the headline if it doesn't catch their eye. The headline is probably the most important part of the sales page so it needs to draw the reader in. The words are critical to getting a product or service sold.

A good copywriter will not only look at the words on the sales page but also how it is being marketed and the words that are being used on their marketing material as well. For a campaign to work effectively it all needs to tie in together. The campaign, the graphics, the look, the sales page and the words.

You see it's not just the sales page that will sell your product but the words on all your marketing material including your emails.

How Do You Choose a Copywriter?

If you choose someone who just happens to have a fancy domain name you could risk your product getting as many sales as before. None (or very few).

Choose a professional copywriter who has been trained to not only write the correct words but also one who will look at the bigger picture, the whole of the marketing campaign not just the sales page. If the sales page on the internet is great but the flyers you are handing out are bad then it will harm your sales and your reputation and the impact could be dramatic.

Therefore, choosing a professional copywriter should be looked on as an investment and not a cost. All your marketing should be an investment to your business as it is the source of the sales. Don't necessarily go for the cheapest because they may only have experience of reading a copywriting book or watching a copywriting DVD set.
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