A Guide to Dressing A Newborn Boy into Toddlerhood

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Newborns bring joy into a family, typically after a long anticipated arrival. Parents are usually eager to dress their infants in clothing that suits their tastes and reflects their personal styles. Parents may find it important to dress their sons in cute newborn boy clothes that reflect particular likes, interests, or styles, whether that is sporty, preppy, or even edgy. For baby showers, many people request clothing that is in tune with their personal styles or tastes for their little boy – and, of course, most families receive a lot of newborn boy clothing beforehand, since tiny little outfits are hard to resist.

The Take Home Outfit
One of the most important and significant items that is purchased and packed for the hospital is the take home outfit. This ensemble is used for hospital newborn pictures and leaving the hospital to go home for the first time. Moms and dads find this outfit to be one of the most important, since it is symbolic of the baby starting his new life at home with his family and it is how the baby will be remembered when looking back at newborn pictures. Take home outfits for baby boys come in many varieties and styles. Parents should choose quality clothing that will be cherished, remembered and possibly even passed down.

Other Outfits
When buying newborn boy clothing during pregnancy, remember to keep the season of the mother's due date in mind. Dress a newborn in comfortable clothing for the climate. For example, if it is warm outside, dress the newborn in something light, and if it is cold outside, dress him in long sleeves and pants. There are so many styles to choose from that it should be fun and easy to shop for newborn boy clothing while keeping the average local temperatures in mind.

Clothes into Toddlerhood
Babies quickly grow and at the blink of an eye, they're growing out of newborn clothes and into bigger clothes. When buying clothes for a toddler, think about comfort as well as style. Keep in mind that most toddlers will need diaper changes, so buttons and zippers are convenient for easy access to the diaper area. Buy clothes that are durable and interest the child, as well as fit within the family's style and tastes. Remember to keep some dressier clothes, as well as comfortable clothing, in the toddler's closet for pictures, dinners out, holidays and important events.
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