Steps on How to Apply for a Job

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    • 1). Find job openings. The first step in applying for jobs is finding the most suitable positions. General job search engines (see Resources) such as Monster and CareerBuilder are a place applicants can start. Also, check out professional associations. For example, an individual interested in an accounting position might contact the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Nursing professionals might check out the American Nurses Association to find positions.

    • 2). Review the position description carefully. A position description contains clues about what the employer is seeking. Read the position description and make a list of specific skills and experiences the employer is seeking (and that you have). This information will allow you to customize your resume better.

    • 3). Refresh your resume and cover letter. A resume should be tailored to a specific job, recommends Purdue University. Avoid sending the same exact resume to every job posting. Instead, use the information in the position description to revise your existing resume and cover letter. For example, if the position requires special event planning experience, highlight specific experiences where you planned events.

    • 4). Apply to the job posting. Most employers provide online applications. Complete the employer's application on line and attach the resume and cover letter in electronic format. Also, send a hard copy of your application materials to the hiring manager. This allows the hiring manager double exposure to your materials.

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