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Your loft may be an unused source of valuable space.

In the last 10 years or so, builders have become pretty cunning about eking every last inch of extra space in our houses. It's no mean skill - mainly in semis and terraces where there is a limit to how far you can expand. In several cases, the only way is up; a roof expansion offers a price effective way of adding a major amount of additional floor space.

There are two ways to build an additional space; one includes building an attic habitable by laying a solid floor, making walls and adding roof flights or dormer windows. While this is a comparatively reasonably priced project, it relies on there being enough height to build enough standing space. The other, more common - and more expensive - choice is to raise the roofline to make a space that has as much height as any other space in the home.

Prices of a development such as this will differ according to the size and requirement - however, there is no doubt that an investment in a budget roof expansion with an en suite bathroom will pay good returns. Yet it isn't just about money; a well-made loft conversion will provide a wonderful, light-filled bathroom, guest room or office space well away from the rest of the home, that in a few cases may have access to a small roof terrace. For families, it provides the ideal escape from the sound and activity of daily life - and splendid isolation for those who work from house and don't want to be troubled.

There are a lot of different ways to increase the loftiness of a roof - some better than others. For a number of reasons it creates sense to chose a loft conversion London with plenty of knowledge of similar projects to put together plans and help with any development issues. Any raised roof expansion will have an important impact on the look of the home, so it is significant that the roofline and windows are sympathetic. As well as selecting a builder who has expertise in this kind of work, you should also look for an architect who understands the designing implications - mainly in relation to keeping out the elements. Unless an attic conversion is sufficiently water tight, it can cause years of costly misery.

Q For me, the main reason not to make an attic conversion is because it will mean that I lose a large amount of very useful space. Is there any method about this?

A. There are two methods to your problem One is trying to make stored on other place in the home that will assist to restore the balance, the other is to think about renting a unit in storeroom services

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