Christmas Gifts For Kids 2009 - Here Are Some of the Popular Gifts For Christmas

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It's that time again -- parents are busy browsing the stores and search online for just the right gifts for their children.
We all enjoy the look of delight on the faces of kids opening their gifts on Christmas morning.
It's a satisfying feeling.
And this year will be the same.
We've got a great list for you.
These are some gifts that any kid would want this year.
Here are the top Christmas gifts for kids 2009 for this holiday season.
Bakugan warriors.
What can we say? They're hot, this year.
These toys are from one of Cartoon Network's Japanese animation shows -- very popular among kids.
The kids on the show (the Bakugan Battle Brawlers) have special powers to control the Bakugan creatures.
Remember Pokemon? All the craze, right? Same thing here.
Your kids will love 'em.
And what child doesn't love video games? No doubt, you've heard of the Nintendo Wii.
It's still as hot as ever and a lot of Wii games involve healthy physical activity.
Of course, there's also the Nintendo DS Lite, the XBox 360, and Sony's Playstation.
Zhu Zhu pets are also "in" this year.
For kids between three and ten, these toys react to their surroundings using artificial intelligence.
When you show them affection (hugging or squeezing) they chatter.
They can also explore their surroundings, moving around on their own.
(Why didn't we have these when we were kids?) Older kids will also enough the Cupcake Maker -- a safe introduction to cooking on their own.
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