The Shoe Fashion Gods Have Anointed Me Your Personal Stylist

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Just like Carey Bradshaw in Sex In The City, I can't pass up an awesome pair of shoes to save my life.
I've always been a Fashionista since the sweet age of 2.
For whatever reason, the Fashion Gods anointed me the "Chosen One".
I've happily and creatively accepted my role in life.
I've never been a "Designer Label Whore".
My only criteria, is the fashion "Have-To-Be-Banging".
That's street slang for beautiful.
Media, celebrity sightings, and Fashion Week brainwash consumers into thinking, you "Have-To-Go-Broke" to look good.
Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories, Purses and Shoes, the whole package you present to the world counts towards your well-crafted personal image.
Whether you want to believe it or not, you're defined by the world via your unique style.
All the categories as described are important, but my favorite genre are the shoes.
Shoes are a work of art to be celebrated lavishly and honored daily.
I will buy shoes first and figure out how to plan my wardrobe around them.
With most folks, it's the complete opposite.
Just to reiterate, you don't have to mortgage the house to get a pair of fabulous shoes.
In all of those fantastic discount stores in your neighborhood and online, you will find true gems at budget prices.
You don't have to take my word for it, just go out there and check it out for yourself.
Those bargain prices are in the ranges of $19.
99 to $49.
99 but they look like you spent hundreds of dollars.
Don't get me wrong, every now and then, I will spend a pretty penny for an exclusive designer pair, but they have to be really "Fly-As-Hell".
That's slang for I got to have them.
There's a caveat to all of this shoe shopping.
It's easy to become a "Shoe Addict" like myself.
There's no Shoeaholics Anonymous with a Sponsor to get you back on the straight and narrow, you're on your own.
Please, don't think about getting support from your girlfriends because they're doing the same thing.
In fact, buying Shoes is often recognized as a competitive sport.
The girls in "Your Clique" often try to out do each other.
This is why going out with the girls is so popular.
It's been often said, women dress for other women.
Do you agree? I know, when my girlfriends ask me where do I buy my shoes, 90% of the time, I lie.
Who wants to look like someone else? Now go out there and shop and take your girlfriends with you.
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