How Luminarias Bring Beauty and Romance to Any Wedding

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With the June wedding season fast approaching, wedding planners are focused on many tasks, not the least of which is decorating for the ceremony and reception.
Where lighting is concerned, luminaries make beautiful accents to just about any decorating scheme.
Luminaries, also called luminarias, have been around for hundreds of years and are used to add lighting touches to all sorts of events and celebrations.
Historically, luminarias were created by placing a small burning candle inside a bag, resulting in a glowing lantern that could easily be placed just about anywhere.
Today some people still make traditional-style luminarias, while others buy special candles, lights, bags and kits that give them plenty of versatility in decorating.
Modern luminaries often involve short, round tea candles placed inside a pre-cut bag that reveals a special design when lit from the inside.
Colored candles are also popular.
When combined with a bag with wedding-themed designs, these lanterns produce enchanting soft light wherever they're placed.
Flame candles in luminarias are both traditional and lovely to look at, but they're not always the ideal choice when small children will have access to them.
To promote safety, many retailers of luminaries sell "artificial" candles that run on LED batteries.
These candles are available in a variety of glowing colors and in two primary shapes.
One style actually looks like a small candle; the other is disk-shaped and is often referred to as a floating blimp.
Floating blimps can be used inside bags for charming wedding decorations, but their ideal use is to float in water.
Swimming pools, ponds, small and large water bowls, fish aquariums and any other place or container with water automatically lights up with a special color scheme when floating blimps are dropped in them.
Because of the wide range of colors available in flame and battery-powered candles and floating blimps, wedding decorators find it easy to match the overall color scheme of a wedding and reception.
Where can you place luminarias as part of wedding décor? The walkways leading to a church, the steps of the church, down the aisle leading to the altar, at strategic places on the altar itself, up and down stairs in the reception hall or home, on each table in the reception venue and any place else that would look great with a beautiful light source.
In summary, luminaries come in several styles including flame candles, battery candles and floating blimps.
When placed in specially designed bags or, in the case of blimps, in water, they create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere that will enhance any wedding decoration.
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