Cloth Diapers - Different Kinds of Cloth Diapers

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Imagine a tiny toddler trying to walk wearing a diaper!! How cute the baby looks, right? A new born baby or even a toddler needs care especially when it comes to the potty and urine.
It should be comfortable and this is what all the parents strive to do when they use diapers for their babies.
This clothing absorbs water and moisture quickly and makes the toddler feel nice and comfortable.
Initially only cotton diapers were used but in the present times there are advanced diapers which are available in the market.
These days' parents use a combination of both the cloth as well as disposable diapers.
While at home during the day the cloth diapers can be used while in the night or any outside location, the disposable diapers prove much more useful.
This is in fact a perfect balance so that there is no need to use one kind of clothing all the time.
Cloth diapers are made from pure 100% cotton, Chinese cotton, bleached cotton, flannel or a cotton blend.
Whatever the fabric is, it should stand the test of continuous and consistent soiling, washing and drying.
It should also be absorbent enough and at the same time should be soft on your baby's sensitive skin.
There have been many changes in the shapes and sizes of this piece of clothing over all these years.
Earlier people used non-breathable rubber pants and pins.
The introduction of cloth diapers has brought about a revolution in baby care.
It made diapering easy, effective and quite inexpensive.
Cloth diapers are more popular because they are environmental friendly.
There is a lesser chance of the baby getting rashes due to the cotton material and the porous feature it has.
As compared to the disposable diapers it is quite inexpensive.
The most important feature is that this kind of diaper is reusable; you can wash it and use it again and again.
The diaper soaks up the water completely and leaves your baby dry and comfortable.
There are different types of cloth diapers available in the market.
Flat cloth diapers, as the name suggests, are simply a square or rectangular piece of material that can be folded to any size to fit around your newborn, baby or toddler.
They don't have any fasteners so either pins or diaper fastener can be used, or for that matter a diaper cover will help keep it in place.
These can be the most difficult of cloth diaper types but at the same time they are the most economical.
These diapers have a multi-purpose functional utility as they can also be used as inserts, wipes, burp pads, change pads and any time you may need a cloth around.
Pre-folds are rectangular cloth diapers that have several layers sewn together.
Usually an absorbent insert is also sewn in at the middle section.
Generally pre-folded diapers are made from 4-ply cotton which is of the best quality and has a higher absorbent capacity.
These kinds of diapers are more useful because they can be easily fitted around your baby for a snug fit.
These can also be fastened with pins or fasteners.
You have to use a diaper cover for this kind of clothing.
Fitted Cloth Diapers are as the name suggests designed to fit around your baby or toddler.
They don't require any folding.
Instead they have snaps or Velcro to fasten it.
These kinds of nappies make for convenient use as they make changing them an easy task.
Most of the brands have elastic at the waist and around the legs so that no mess can pour down.
Pocket Cloth Diapers come with an inside pocket where you can insert padding, has a waterproof outer layer and closures.
These are very easy to use.
The diaper cover is sewn to the inner layer and hence helps in absorbing the moisture quickly.
All-in-One Diapers are the perfect solution to your child's nappy problems.
The name says it all and indeed they have every feature that the parent's expect for their tiny tot.
These diapers have an inner absorbent core, waterproof cover, front closure and an extremely snug fit around the legs and waist.
They don't need to folded, pinned, stuffed or wrapped.
Given all these wonderful features, they are also expensive as compared to others.
Thus, there are multiple choices when it comes to baby nappies and it is entirely up to the parents to decide as to what type of diaper would be suitable for their child.
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