Article Marketing - A Convenient Way to Generate Targeted Online Traffic

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Article Writing A common use of article writing is to get the readers to a squeeze page and request them for their mail addresses to send more information.
A person really looking for the information you can provide will provide you the contact address.
Then you start sending out the mails with all the latest development and other relevant information to them.
It is a very effective way of generating traffic.
How to market with article writing? Typically, people write interesting articles and submit them to various article directories.
These are online communities that have articles on wide range of topics and it is also the place where people come for more information.
At the end of the page the writer leaves a link to the squeeze page that offers free information or software in return for your contact details.
If you get the email address you send out the free stuff to the mail address and add the address to your list.
With a list of interested people, you start sending out regular informative mails on relevant topics and convince the writer that you really know what you are talking about.
This helps build the reader's trust in the writer.
Once you gain the trust you can promote the stuff that you have to offer to the reader.
This is a great scheme where the symbiotic relation between the reader and writer benefits both of them.
If this seems like a logical tool for you, then here's what you could look at: a) Look for topics on which people search a lot online.
Common things are weight loss, exercising, pet care, etc.
b) research well about the topic and come out with good articles.
These have to be concise, correct and precise.
3) Create a attractive and inviting squeeze page for the readers that tempts them to disclose their contact information.
4) Pick your keywords carefully to gain customer's attention and that can generate traffic for you.
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