Leave the Ranks of the Unemployed

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Thousands of Americans are losing their jobs.
I talk to someone everyday who has been terminated due to the current recession which is rapidly turning into a depression.
I was born in the depression.
I remember asking my mother how the knife marks got in the kitchen door.
She told me that Dad was out of work for two years and that he was so frustrated that he would throw his pocket knife at the door for hours at a time.
I also remember the hobos coming down our street, passing the houses of our neighbors, then stopping at out back door.
We fed them beans and bread.
Some wanted to work for their meal.
We let them chop kindling wood.
I tried to find our address written somewhere down by the railroad tracks but I never found it.
It was there somewhere.
They new that we would feed them.
Now we are drifting into those terrible times with thousands out of work.
Those that I talk to these days are interested in Internet Marketing which they hope will supplement or replace normal job income.
They are trying to replace their day job but hope they can earn enough money on the Internet to eventually be more independent.
Finding a new day job is their first priority.
Over 60% of all jobs are filled by word of mouth.
If you ignore this fact, you will lower your chances of finding a new job.
The first step in finding a new job should be in building new relationships and renewing old relationships with people who may help you find a job.
You should ask people you know if they know of any available jobs.
The telephone and email are good ways of making these contacts.
If your friends and associates know that you are looking for a job, they may mention your name in a work situation that could get you an interview.
Ask your friends and associates to help you broaden your search.
Ask them if any of their associates might know of a job opening.
Now contact those people.
If they give you other new people to contact, you can use their name when you introduce your self.
Just don't use people you do not know very well as a reference.
They may not like that.
Don't forget the almighty letter.
I have hired more people from my first impression from a well-written letter than any other way.
I also have been contacted by telephone where I was introduced to a potential employee of which I asked for a letter describing his or her experience.
From the letter, I could judge well the person who I might hire.
Sometimes no job would be open, but I kept the letter and when a job came up, I would bring that person in for an interview.
Don't be afraid to write a letter to a manager in a company for an interview.
After you send the letter, wait a few days and then call him (or her) on the telephone asking if he got the letter.
Ask for the interview.
If you get the reply that there are no openings, then ask for a short meeting anyway for the purpose of introduction.
If you get a "no" on that, then ask if he knows of any job opening or persons you can call to inquire about possible opening.
If you are given a name in reference, you can tell the new contact that So-and-So told you to contact him.
But don't use the first person as a reference, but you can drop his name in passing.
What about the resume? Well, if you are a professional, you will need one.
There are plenty of free templates on the Internet that you can use to prepare one.
Just make sure that everything you put in the resume is true, not a gross exaggeration.
If you accomplished something as a member of a team, say so.
Don't say you did it by yourself.
People do check references.
When you fill out a job application, the same applies.
If you are a felon and the job application asks you about that, be absolutely truthful.
If you are found not telling the truth, you will be fired even if you get the job.
Job applications are checked after hiring as well as before.
Believe me, from decades of working in industry, I know this is true.
There are many job opportunities listed on the Internet.
Put "jobs YOUR TOWN" in the Google search box.
Well, look at that! Also try local agencies like the employment centers of the LDS Church, etc.
Happy and Successful Hunting! Maybe someday, you will be able to work from home.
Fly Old Glory!
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