Citrine Jewelry 101 – Citrine Jewelry Explained

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Citrine is used in making necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants etc and you can clearly see the talent of the jewelry artists who create amazing pieces of Citrine Jewellery for you. You can take a look at the great collection of this jewelry in silver. You can find number of designs in rings, earring and pendants which can give you a completely elegant look when worn with matching clothes.

Citrine Jewellery is very impressive because of its lemon and brandy color especially the rings which look great when embedded with beautiful stone. This is a semi-precious stone which is creatively used by the jewelry designers for creating beautiful designs in earrings. Finely polished and handcrafted citrine rings are loved by women. Even the pendants are available in elegant designs.

Citrine stone is believed to increase your mental abilities and this opens new avenues in your life. You can wear this stone in the form of a ring because these are available in vintage, contemporary, gothic-medieval and many other themes. You can spend some time in finding some of the best designs in Citrine Jewellery.

If you are born in November or if you are celebrating 17 years of your marriage then this is the stone for you to buy. Citrine Jewellery is perfect gift for both these occasions. This stone looks beautiful in all the designs especially if it is set in white gold especially the pendants look brilliant.

People love to buy Citrine Jewellery because it looks beautiful and is believed to have healing and powers which are magical. It boosts memory, cures depression and tendency of self destruction, enhances creativity and is also believed to have the power to influence your dreams and posses Talisman powers. People wear it for curing heart, kidney and liver troubles and diabetes.

Most of the people do not know but Citrine is created by heating Amethyst and this is why its color varies from pale yellow to shades of reddish brown color. Citrine and Amethyst have same chemical properties because both of these are colored and natural forms of quartz. Many people get confused because its color is similar to Topaz. Many people buy citrine without even knowing that they have bought it. They may by it under different names like Brazilian Topaz, Spanish Topaz or a false topaz.

As citrine is quite scratch proof you can use Citrine Jewellery for daily wear. It is strong enough and can be used roughly because it does not crack easily. It is a great substitute to topaz and if you always wanted to wear that topaz ring but found it expensive then you can by Citrine and fulfill your wish to wear yellow gem. It looks great and anyone can hardly differentiate between Citrine and Topaz. So you pay less and get the same looks. As this is not very costly Citrine Jewellery can be perfect gifts. As this look great the person who receives the gift would simply love it. To find some of the best designs and great deals in Citrine Jewellery you can spend some time on the online shopping sites.
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