Good Reasons For Investing In CD Calendars

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Why would anyone put his money in the production of calendars? This is a very important question as one plans to invest in the New Year calendar for 2011.
The organisation planning to produce their next year calendar as a gift for their loyal customers or focusing to give away to prospective customers may wonder why they need a budget to produce advertising.
The first basic reason why one will invest in calendars is that these are great marketing tools.
A personalised calendar will have the contacts of the organisation enabling the existing and prospective customers to reach them easily.
The calendar may have their telephone, physical location contacts and even their official website address included.
Calendars can be highly effective since they combine the pictures and text thus can communicate very effectively.
Pictures of products can easily be displayed, a good example is a company dealing in bath taps.
The company can display their various models and sizes of bath taps and this can be very effective in that the customer can view the various models and choices even before he gets to the supplier.
The contact numbers and address of the bath tap supplier will be included so that the prospective customer can reach the supplier easily and have a constant visual reminder or memory jogger right in front of them.
Calendars can be a very cost effective marketing channel.
Producing one calendar may cost the organisation just a few pounds but the return on investment can be enormous.
By reaching one extra customer the organisation can gain a customer for life.
The customer can also refer his friends and relatives to the organisation, thus it has a multiplier effect.
The fact that calendars are acceptable gifts to everyone means they can be used to get to a wide audience; being normally displayed in offices and homes, they offer free advertisements to a large target audience.
They are used to organise mutual dates between friends, colleagues and customers and even suppliers.
With this extra function they become a good tool to reach a wide audience with little cost.
Calendars are designed to be durable.
This is because they are designed to be used for a whole year! Most printers will use high gauge paper or plastics such as 300gms, which is more durable than lighter gauge papers used for photocopy which are 80gms.
CD calendars are user friendly marketing tools.
This is because they are good gifts received from friends, companies or an organisation that one has a mutual relationship with.
They are also a planning tool and the users respect that aspect when planning for dates, appointments and meetings.
They will not find their way into dustbins like other promotional materials which are quickly trashed because they are of no use to the recipient.
Overall, one would invest in CD calendars because they are great marketing tools which are highly effective marketing communication channels.
The organisation will invest in calendars because they can reach a wide audience in a very cost effective way.
Calendars will always be treasured as they are good planning tools and when well designed they communicate effectively for a whole year.
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