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Often some of the simplest ideas are also some of the best. The same goes for promoting your company. Whilst you could spend huge amounts of money on complex promotional campaigns, it is often much more effective to give the consumer something that they will use on a daily basis. This will mean that your name is constantly in front of their face and your presence is constantly reinforced.

So, when you combine that with the fact that everyone enjoys getting free gifts, no matter what they are, it suddenly becomes patent that your promotional merchandise should be simple to gain the most effect.

The other benefit in keeping promotional items simple is that they will usually be a whole lot cheaper in the process, meaning you get the maximum impact with the minimal expenditure. So what are these items that people will use every day and how do you go about giving them away?

Well, they need to be items that have everyday uses. Things such as pens, USB sticks, keyrings, mugs and umbrellas are all highly useful commodities for people, things that they will no doubt use in their everyday life. The secret to ensuring they use your promotional items over anyone else's is a strong design. Many people may come to the same conclusion about the best way to market their company and therefore people may often find themselves being given a number of different brollies or mugs. However, anything that stands out with an eye-catching design or is imbued with humour will instantly be the one that people reach for on a day to day basis.

As for distributing your promotional merchandise, there are again plenty of options for you. They can simply be handed out on the street by members of staff or given away in areas where the people in your target market reside, but it is much more effective to make the recipient feel special. Indulging in promotional days that stand out and are something to remember will help people feel like they are getting the gift for a reason.

Having interesting ideas for themes is a great way to attract people to you, rather than you forcing them onto the customer. The types of promotional days you dream up will often be unique to your own particular market, but anything that is wacky, fun or simply interesting and different will ensure that people actually want one of your gifts as opposed to simply taking one for the sake of it.

Your corporate items are also useful at anything from exhibitions to in-house, possibly giving them away with every sale. With pens for instance you can let them sign any paperwork with a promotional pen and then let them keep them.

However, you choose to go about it, the main thing to remember is keep them simple and keep them items that people will use regularly. Then all you need is a great design and yours will be the name on everyone's minds day in and day out.

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