The War of Attrition With Mis Sold PPI

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With the amount of PPI claims the policy sellers have been handling over the last few years one would think the processes could only get better and quicker.
Unfortunately, like most thing in life it doesn't always go to plan or turn out like you would expect.
Mis sold PPI is indeed one of those areas where the whole procedure seems to be like walking through treacle.
Obviously, where money is concerned no-one likes having to hand it over but in some instances extreme measures are being put in place.
These measures in my opinion are a cynical ploy to slow down the whole process with the intent of encouraging a claimant to give up the claim up as a bad job.
Whilst this may be expected from some of the smaller brokers, or perhaps car dealerships and double glazing companies it's amazing how many of the big lenders are adopting this stance.
The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent adjudicator that looks after the public's interests when it comes to mis sold PPI policies but it cannot get involved in the intricacies of the banks complaint handling.
To this end the banks are left alone to lead the complainants a merry dance on the complaints procedure.
Although the process may look clumsy to the uninitiated on closer inspection it's a very well thought out sophisticated system of being 'helpfully unhelpful'.
These sophisticated systems are being developed on a regular basis and first started out as not replying to correspondence.
Considering the banks have up to 8 weeks to resolve this complaint several weeks may pass without receiving an acknowledgment.
When an enquiry about this is made the banks state they never received a complaint to acknowledge in the first place.
This happened four times with one particular high street bank.
It was only after informing them that the fourth complaint pack had been sent by registered post and we had a signature that they acknowledged its existence.
This approach although effective was about as subtle as a house brick on the back of the head.
New methods had to be implemented and the huge corporations have a steady supply of staff to concoct these measures.
So one of the next methods was to acknowledge the mis sold PPI complaint but not give a name as the reference for the complaint.
They also did not give the reference that was on the complaint letter but only put their own reference which was meaningless without the former.
Then to make the task a little harder they only give the name of the department and not a name of a staff member.
Then some banks hit on the idea of not giving any phone number on the correspondence, again making the process a lot more drawn out.
Other banks gave 0845 numbers which transferred to an Indian call centre where staff with heavy accents inform you that they can only deal with the account holder not a third party.
With other banks they decided on the 'all our lines are busy' voice message with the end result of the phone never being answered even after 30 minutes of holding.
Another favourite ruse is with the letter of authority.
The refusal to accept this can take many forms but a few examples are as follows.
The never received it is very popular but can realistically only be used a number of times.
A more popular excuse is the 'it has to be an original' for us to accept it.
Sometimes this is used in conjunction with the never received it as the original gets lost and the copy of the original that you retained is not acceptable as it's a 'copy'.
Due to the popularity of this with some banks it's always advisable to get as many 'original' letters of authority as is physically possible.
With some banks this led to the flat denial route of 'we don't deal with 3rd parties' even with an LOA.
This is frowned upon by the FOS and is very rarely used these days.
The 'internal' questionnaire is one that is being adopted by a number of banks currently which basically asks for the same information that they have already been supplied.
With a lot of clients loathe to fill in yet more paperwork this can seriously slow down a lot of claims.
Even when this is completed they sometimes also challenge the signature and ask for it to be authenticated.
Again adding many extra weeks to the complaint as the Ombudsman likes to see the banks given a fair crack at the complaint So the war of attrition goes on and a mountain of paperwork builds up and a lot of mis sold PPI policies never get paid out.
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