How Do You Define Winning?

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Have you ever thought about what the word winning means to you? What does it mean to have won in your home business? How you feel about that word and how you define it can tell a lot about who you are.
If someone asked you to define winning you would most likely say something like "creating a goal and having achieved it".
If you believe in yourself and your ability to reach that goal, hooray, you will be wealthy in all aspects of your life.
However, not everyone is so clear in their definition and here's why.
The concept of winning is not defined in your conscience mind, rather in your subconscious mind.
The conscience mind interprets that emotion.
So if you have negative thoughts about winning you might very well be sabotaging your ability to succeed.
So let's look at 5 different ways your subconscious mind might define winning and what they really mean to the conscience observer.
You win when you feel comfortable where you are.
If this is you, then your goal is just to get through day to day.
You do not want stress or conflicts in your life.
Every action you take is designed to support your pursuit of a comfortable existence.
You will never move out of this comfort zone.
You win if everyone likes you.
If this is you, you just want to be liked.
You do want it takes to keep the peace and make sure everyone still likes you.
This definition will never become a leader and hardly willing to take the risk of a home business opportunity.
You win if you are right.
If this is you, then you are an expert in your field, (doctor, lawyer, professor...
You are not open to criticism or other peoples opinions.
You will reach a brick wall when it comes to your finances, relationships, since you will not be able to accept your shortcomings.
This is the wrong place to be to become successful in a home business opportunity.
You win by losing.
If this is you, you are the victim.
The sympathy from others makes you feel like you've won.
You find yourself saying things like "I knew that wouldn't work".
You win by winning.
If this is you then you are an achiever.
You are the ultimate competitor.
You never quit, you push through all obstacles until you achieve your goal.
Then move on to the next goal.
This is the definition of the "true entrepreneur".
So where do you see yourself? What is your definition of winning? You might find yourself mixed up in all of them; I know I do its hard being a home business owner.
Emotions can be all over the board.
But to become truly wealthy you need to reprogram your subconscious mind to become the real winner, the true entrepreneur in all of us.
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