List Building - How to Easily Create High Value Lead Magnets That Will Explode Your Conversation

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List building is the number strategy used by most of the gurus online to sell more products and services and build a sustainable online business that brings money in daily.
It is also an effective strategy used by many super affiliate marketers.
It is true that the money is in the list or rather in the relationship with the list but the money doesn't come or you cannot have a relationship with a list until you begin building a list.
No doubt about it, list building a something you need to do.
One of the things that makes it easy to build a list fast or get a good conversion on a squeeze page or blog is something called the LEAD MAGNET.
The lead magnet is that free offer you promise to give to your subscriber when he or she signs up.
It is also called the ethical bribe by many.
The value or the perceived value of the lead magnet you use has the power to explode your subscription rate or crush your conversion rate.
A good lead magnet can increase your conversion rate by double-digits so it is not something to be joked with.
Creating a high value lead magnet can be a daunting task especially if you are targeting a niche where you have no knowledge in.
Fortunately, there is a way of creating a HIGH VALUE lead magnet you can use for list building even if you don't know a thing about the niche.
This method of creating high value squeeze page offers is also used to create high value information products one can go on to sell.
Interview An Expert In the Niche If you want to create a lead magnet that will get subscribers rushing to download your free offer and at the same time explode the conversion rate of your squeeze page or the conversion of the opt in form on your blog then interviewing an expert in the niche you target is an advanced strategy you should use.
You can find an expert in a niche for interviews by doing a little search for popular authors in your niche found on Amazon.
You might be scared that these experts may ignore you but most times they don't.
In fact they are even looking for interview opportunities to use in promoting themselves, their publications and products.
The interview can be done in many ways.
It could an e-mail interview where you send interview questions to the expert using e-mail.
You can also do an audio interview where you get to record the voice of the person speaking.
This is an advance technique that works so use it.
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