Lead Generation Tools for a Small Business

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    • One of your first steps should be to set up a website. If you are web-savvy, you can create this yourself using online tutorials. If you aren't comfortable with building a website, hire someone else to set it up for you. This website should clearly contain your contact information, services offered and a way for potential customers to email you directly. To enhance the effectiveness of your website in gaining leads, offer a free trial offer of your product. Add a newsletter that potential leads can read that discusses your services.


    • One easy and valuable way to generate leads is to create an e-book. It's essentially a seminar that you make for your potential and current customers. E-books is the digital version of a book. You download them directly from the computer. One reason that e-books are used by business owners is that you can easily create and self-publish them. Make sure that the e-book is specific and targeted toward your business. Another benefit of an e-book is that it's easy to create and publish on the website that you create for your business.

    Social Media

    • Social networks such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook bring together people who are in your network and who may need your services. People can do a quick search and find your contact information and general information. For example, if you are on Twitter, run a search for the type of business that you own, such as an auto body shop. If someone posts about needing car repairs, she becomes a lead and you can contact her and offer your services.

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