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From the desk of Jeffrey Wyrick
Friday October 26th, 2007

Article Submitter Gurus Advise

Everywhere you turn these days online marketing trainers are telling you to submit articles, submit your websites to directories, sign up for free classified services online, use bum marketing techniques and find as many free and inexpensive ways as possible to create as many ONE WAY LINKS as possible to bring traffic to your website.

Is this FREE marketing truly effective?

Of course it is! The biggest three websites online, and are all search engines. These are all websites that are HUNGRY for content to feed to the people that come to them seeking information. For years people told us that what we needed to do was to optimize our websites with SEO (search engine optimization) and then we needed to submit our website urls to the search engines once a month to make sure that the search engines spiders would continually see that we are still an active business online and in turn this would help keep our search engine rankings up. Now we are told to submit articles or find an article submitter service that will do this for us and this will somehow magically help our search engine ranking.

Let me explain a little further in detail.

It doesn't matter if we write our own articles or hire a ghost writer as long as the content is unique. That is the first and foremost important factor to start with. If you use the same old PLR content in your articles without little to no change or if you try to just retitle the same old article a few times and change a line or two, then ultimately this will hurt you far more than it will help.

Now you're ready to submit articles or use your favorite article submitter service so that you can join the dot com gold rush and start making money the way all these internet marketint gurus are telling you they're doing it. So you search the PR or "page rank" for literally hundreds of article submission websites and you submit a to a few dozen of the higher ranking sites each week, but you're still only getting 20 to 30 visitors a week.

But the gurus said that this was how things were done!

Yes and no. With marketing, as with many other things in life, the real proof comes in numbers. Simply put, the more places you submit your articles to......the more ONE WAY LINKS will be pointing back at your website offer so you can start making money from all of this time and hard work you've put in to this business venture. What you need is an article submitter company that is reliable, someone you can trust to give you proven reliable results by submitting your articles to HUNDREDS of websites out there online, which in turn will create HUNDREDS of one way links back to your website!


Unfortunately this can also be very expensive. You are now faced with 3 basic choices to decide from;

1.) Buy software that will manually allow you to submit articles one at a time.
2.) Buy software that will act as an automated article submitter to save time.
3.) Pay someone else to submit your articles to the online article sites.

Option #1 can take several days a week. You've gone through and signed up for all of the services in advance, which could take several days if you are doing this effectively and signing up for as many sites as possible. Now you have to sit there for serveral hours each day and manually click "go" or "start" and then "next" over and over again until you're done. This can be a very frusterating waste of your time and often mistakes are easily made doing this.

Option #2 can easily cost two or three times as much to purchase the software, but let us assume that you've spent those same several days registering for all, or even most, of the needed article submitter sites and now you're ready to submit articles, but wait sometimes this can be a bit tricky and we want to make sure that everything is done correctly. As we start to use our newly found prized software we learn that many of these sites require a "pen name" and they need you to click to put a check mark in at the bottom to "accept the terms of service" from the various websites. While the form itself is being automaticly filled each time and it does move a lot faster you will still spend several hours a day, if not an entire work day submitting just one article.

Option #3 is always the easiest, but as expected up until now it has also been the most expensive until now. Websites that post your article to a larger majority of the article submitter websites want a lot of money. The least expensive reliable service that I had found until now wanted $199 per year for this service and they did NOT post to nearly as many article sites as I had thought they did when I first came accross this online wonder. All I wanted to do was submit articles!


For just $19.97 they will post my articles to over 500 article submitter websites, ezines, newsletters, social networks and email marketing websites. This was perfect for what I needed to do! They also offer GREAT monthly and annual discounts. This is the website I was looking for. More importantly this is the website that YOU are looking for if you want to save time and money so that you can submit your articles just ONE TIME and then sit back and relax. They do the rest of the work for you!
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