How to Counter Offer a New Job Salary

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    • 1). Hold off on making salary negotiations until you are certain there are no other candidates being considered for the job. Thank the employer for an offer if one is made, and then think it over for a day or two. Think about it outside the pressure of an interview situation.

    • 2). Meet with the employer after the interview to discuss your counteroffer. Another option is to write a letter outlining your counteroffer, which may be a better option if you're a better writer than salesperson.

    • 3). Focus on future contributions to the company you can make, such as systems efficiency improvement or higher quarterly sales. You employer may not balk at modest changes in your salary or benefits you want when he thinks about how much you can help the company.

    • 4). Read trade journals and online salary surveys to find out what others in the same position are making. See what the salary range is for your position in your part of the country and in your industry in the online Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read about salaries in the "Earnings" section of the Handbook link in the Resources section.

    • 5). Negotiate benefits and perks, such as stock options, help with relocation expenses, vacation days, schedule flexibility or signing bonuses if the employer can't offer a higher salary. Some smaller companies can't offer the higher pay of large companies, but they may be willing to negotiate more. Large companies may not be able to change their pay grades, or they may be unionized, which also makes it hard to negotiate on salary. Request a higher salary than what you actually need as your base salary so that your employer can meet you in the middle if she is able to negotiate on salary.

    • 6). Keep a good attitude. Ask questions about the offer or make requests instead of demands. Respect goes a long way.

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