The iPod For Runners

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Many runners and joggers use iPods or mp3 players while doing their workout.
With music, the exercise routine loses some of its inherent monotony.
A fast, upbeat tempo makes the run more fun.
It also pushes the runner to keep on moving, despite the exhaustion or even pain.
Some runners are on the road for long periods, say for one, two or three hours, and the longer the workout, the more helpful the music becomes.
Running music is different for every runner.
Some prefer rock or metal, while others go for hip-hop, techno, trance, disco and so on.
Even classical music to accompany running is not unheard of.
There too are special mixes made especially for runners; some of these are available on iTunes and on certain websites for runners.
With an iPod, it is possible for runners to not just get music, but a sports program made especially to motivate them, track and record their runs.
This is the Nike + iPod sport kit.
It works with the iPod nano, the iPod touch, and the iPhone.
The sport kit consists of a sensor and a receiver.
The sensor is placed inside the sole of Nike+ shoes.
With some do-it-yourself creativity, it can actually be made to fit into any pair of shoes, even non-Nike, that the runner uses in his workouts.
Then the receiver is connected to the iPod.
(With the iPod touch or iPhone, the receiver is not necessary.
) When these are done, the runner can start the app, which plays for him his running music as well as monitors the run.
The app gives him feedback in terms of speed, time, distance covered, and even the number of calories burned.
All runs are recorded on the iPod, and can be synced to a computer, which then syncs to the Nike+ website.
Through this website, the runner can see records of his runs and those of others in the Nike+ running community.
He can join running challenges, and get to know other runners online.
This can be a wonderful source of motivation for runners, adding to the pleasure that running and listening to music bring.
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