How to Write a Biography for a Press Kit

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    • 1). Find a photograph. If you are writing a press kit for yourself, find a professional-looking photograph of yourself doing whatever skill you are trying to sell to the public. If your press kit is for a whole organization, such as a nonprofit, use an image where a member of the organization is helping to fulfill your group's mission. Keep in mind that while including a photograph in a press kit is not mandatory, it will attract more attention to the rest of the content.

    • 2). Gather the information that you will use. This information, along with the photograph, will be the entire biography. It needs to be relevant, recent and catered to your ideal audience. Be sure to double-check the accuracy of every fact that you will be including.

    • 3). Sit down at the computer and write. Your first paragraph should grab the audience's attention so that they will want to read the entire article. It can be a quote, review, statistic or unusual fact. Stay true to the subject, but cater the biography to the audience and make it relevant so that your press kit gets the attention that it deserves.

    • 4). Insert the photograph and use text-wrapping to make the layout look professional. Some people like to put the photograph in the middle; others prefer one of the four corners. Play with it and see what looks the best with your biography.

    • 5). Proofread and edit your biography. Cut out any information that is unnecessary or irrelevant. While personal stories and anecdotes may be a way to get attention, if they are unrelated to the skills you are promoting, do not include them. Keep it concise, but interesting. Have several friends proofread it and give their feedback.

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