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Affiliate marketing is the best alternative for small business groups and enterprises. It is affordable and based on the performance. Popular marketing channels that produce much of the hype extract large capital, which cannot be made by a lone businessman or a small company.

In business jargons there is a term called ROI or return on investment. It is the profit return that a business entity receives against making an investment. Affiliate marketing assures the business fast returns, in cash and in kind.

The whole idea of affiliate marketing rests upon the practices of selling online and online promotions. Web site owners or affiliates represent the brands of the advertisers or dealers and helps in promoting them on their behalf.

With order and subscription forms, the buyers can purchase the products from the advertisers. Affiliate's job is to get that audience for the advertiser. It is done by implementing various marketing strategies and popular tools of web advertising.

Apart from affiliates and merchants, there is one more entity that facilitates the process of affiliate marketing. It is called affiliate marketing network. The agencies providing affiliate marketing network services help in business networking. These agencies provide services for affiliates as well as advertisers.

Affiliate marketing network's primary job is to arrange for a business contact between the affiliate and the advertiser. Generally, this is averted as client protection is necessary for both the client as well as the agency. However, the networks act as virtual bridges and connect the affiliates with the merchants for participating in the marketing process.

In Asia-Pacific region, particularly India, affiliate marketing networks are not very popular as they have just stepped in this domain. Affiliates marketing in India often provide integrated services, including search engine marketing and e-mail marketing. Some reputed companies have started affiliate marketing ventures recently and have estimated great output to be coming in the next few years. The services of affiliate networks in India are quite up to standard and benchmarks have been drawn keeping in mind the global audience.

The bigger picture reveals golden days for online marketing and advertising, not only in India but at a global level. Let us wait and watch as what the alternative marketing industry has to offer to the publishers and the people.
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