Finding Bouncy Castles for Your Hire Company - Important Considerations

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At kid's parties, weddings and plenty of other outdoor events the bouncy castle has become a steadfast inclusion for the attendees to have fun.
Understandably, as the popularity of bouncy castles increases there are a growing number of hire companies offering customers the opportunity to rent inflatables.
Starting an inflatable hire company however typically requires a considerable financial investment and as such care should always be taken when buying any inflatable equipment.
The first and most important consideration whenever you are looking at buying inflatable equipment is to consider its quality.
This can be done by checking the stitching of the equipment, typically double stitched is a modern minimum, quadruple stitched however is the preferable option for a long lasting investment.
Additionally it can be worth checking where the PVC was manufactured; the quality of PVC varies greatly depending upon whether the country where it was manufactured has specific industry standards.
Whenever you are buying inflatable equipment, particularly if you are going to hire it out it is essential that you purchase an effective insurance policy which will protect your investment.
Cover against damage and theft are important if you want to maintain a profitable company.
As well as the importance of ensuring the seams are well constructed it is also important to look at the stress points of the inflatable.
A good quality inflatable will have these points reinforced so that they are more durable and will subsequently last longer.
When you are buying a bouncy castle it is important to find a dealer that has a good reputation within the industry; buying from someone that has little to no experience in the trade and is just trying to make a quick buck it not advisable.
Ultimately a knowledgeable seller will be able to provide you with advice on your purchase and will also be able to offer you recourse should the product be faulty or unusable.
You should also consider that whilst the inflatable is the main event, your hire company will still require a host of different accessories such as the motors for inflating the equipment and crash mats to prevent accidents.
Finally when you are buying your inflatables, think about hiring them out at all stages; ideally you want to only purchase inflatables that are colourful and have fun designs as people will be far more inclined to hire them.
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