Google AdWords Tricks and Tips - Part 2

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Create Your Google AdWords Ad

In Part 1 of my series of articles I explained how to Generate your keyword list in 5 simple steps. The next step is to write text to encourage prospects to click on your ad, and when they do, have them land on a page which will maximize your investment.

Now that you have created a list of keywords to efficiently attract your customers it is vital create an inviting ad to bring them into your site. Google are strict with their guidelines:
Text only
25 character title line
Description of your product or service in 2 lines up to 35 characters each
Your URL is limited to 35 characters also

It is vital that you use this space as wisely as possible to give prospects a descriptive and concise message about your product or service and to drive sales for best results.

Title Lines

Your title line is the first thing that your potential customer will see when searching for goods or services in which you would like to assist. With Google's affiliate network some sites will only display the title in their search results therefore with these distribution sites the only way you can propose the value of your site is through your title description. The title is really your only chance to catch a person's attention, even when it comes along with a full description, your title line is what will catch the interest of a prospective customer, transitioning them to read further and then click on to your site.

Remember, you only have 25 characters to accomplish this! So let's go to the spreadsheet we created in the previous article. Choose your most popular keyword and write a description of your product or service around that keyword with a sales driven message to entice.

Here are a few methods that have been proven to increase clicks if you can at all use them:

The word 'free' will increase clicks
Capital letters draws attention
A price will increase clicks if you are offering good value

It is not hard to change your message with AdWords so you can try a few different approaches to find the right words and phrases which will generate the most clicks. It is also a good idea to compare titles with those of your competitors, this way you can ensure that yours is the most appealing and really knock them out the way.


This is the main area of your sales pitch. You grabbed their attention with your title now you need to continue through and convince your potential customer to click on your link and reward themselves with the benefits that you have to offer. You must give as much relevant information as possible about your service to encourage qualified prospects to click on your site for further information, and also to discourage random clicks from unqualified prospects that do not quite fit into your target demographic.

In your description, include information that will outdo your competition. Any special products or services, better credit terms, hard to find products, flexible payment options, wider selection etc.

Where to Direct Your Link

So you have managed to get the customer to land on your site, nice and easy hey... The most important part now is to land the customer on the page of your site which is the most relevant to the search term. It is essential that your customer lands on a page that contains the exact information they were searching for which is not necessarily your home page.

Study each of your search terms to identify their most appropriate landing pages, and keep a record of this in your spreadsheet along with your keywords.

You also need to make sure that your page loads quickly to avoid impatient prospects abandoning the process, and check the links that you deliver are active as Google will charge per click, regardless.

Congratulations! Now you have great keywords and search phrases along with titles and descriptions to place you above your competition! Part 3 of this series will be available for reading in the next couple of days.

Wishing you Success

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